Waist Carry

Waist Carry is a 4-way-carrying-position baby carrier. It offers stress-free, quick and easy way of carrying your little one, especially toddler.


Recommended Age

A baby who can sit up by him/herself, around 4 months old (7kg) up to 36 months old (15kg)



Four-way carrying position 

• Front-looking

• Front-looking with firm carrying

• Face-to-face

• Face-to-face with firm carrying


Why We Love It



Quick and easy

Toddlers often want to walk by themselves. But after a short period of walking, they often ask parents to carry them. Waist Carry gives you the convenience to easily carry your baby with no hassle. Just pick them up and let them sit on it.

You don't have to worry about storage, too. Just wear it on your waist. 



A baby in a stroller is around 50-60 cm from the ground. The exhaust outlet of automobile is around 40cm from the ground. The cigarette smoke height while a person is walking is also very close to baby’s height while in the stroller.

Baby’s body temperature is around 1 degree higher than that of the adult. Reflected heat from the ground will increase approximately another 3 degrees - equal to wearing thermal underwear.

Using Waist carry helps reduce baby’s exposure to car exhaust, smoke, heat, and bumps when baby is in the stroller.



More convenient

Waist carry allows you to move more freely in a crowded place or at places where it is not convenient to use stroller.

If you carry your baby with waist carry, it is also safer because he/she is close to you. 



For both Quick carry and Firm carry


Reduces the burden on your waist

Waist Carry has wide waist belt and great design that helps to reduce the burden at the waist for a more comfortable experience. 


Well-designed for safety structure