Mambino Organics, Newborn Package

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Mambino Organics bundles for your newborn baby
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Did you know that you start bonding with your newborn while they are still in the womb?
In fact, most newborns recognize their mother's scent the moment they are born, and feel more comfortable in mommy's arms than any other place. Bonding is essential. It makes you want to shower your baby with love and affection and gets you up in the middle of the night to feed your little one.

This package includes all the skin care essentials to help you bond with baby from day one and beyond. This perfect baby shower package includes all the skin loving essentials to cleanse, nourish and protect a newborn's delicate skin from day one, and is a must have for every baby.

Package includes:

- Mambino Baby's Best Daily Essential Lotion - 146ml / 5oz
- Mambino Little Bottoms Diaper Balm - 18g / .63oz
- Mambino Soothe Me Baby-Kids Body Wash & Shampoo - 170ml / 5.5oz
- Mambino Tippy Toes Calming Baby Oil - 148ml / 5oz
- Mambino Happy Baby Soothing Stick -18g / .63oz