Coco Gel

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Hot & Cold Gel - Made in Japan
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Coco Gel could be used as both hot & cold gel. It helps to prevent overheating & chilling of the body, relieves pain & fever as well as keep food/drinks cold/warm. It stays soft when frozen and could also be heated up using microwave.
9 x 15.5cm
  • High Quality
Coco gel is made of high quality material. It is made in Japan. Coco gel is reusable - more eco friendly.
  • Comfortable
Coco gel stays soft even when it is frozen. Hence, it is great to be used to relieve pain / fever as it fits your body more comfortably.
  • High Durability
Coco gel comes with 2 layers structure. When used properly, it could withstand a weight of 80kg.
  • Multiple Use
It could be used hot or cold. It could help relieve pain/fever for both adults and children (4 months onwards), prevent overheating/chilling of the body, and keep food/drink warm/cold.