Exhibition participation takes tremendous amount of efforts in preparing and running the show. Since 2013, Mummytoon has successfully taken part in big events like "SuperMom Bazaar" and "Parenthood Fair" among many others.



These shows would not be possible without the dedication of our staff and helpers. Often, in our haste to get things done, we forgot to express our gratitude to these individuals who are the heros behind the successes of the shows. At times, every one is so busy that we forgot to take photos! As I searched my database for photos we have taken, I realized there are so few!


With this blog, I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to our staff and helpers. I am certain there will be many more fun-filled and successful exhibitions in 2016! It is guaranteed that we will be present at "Supermom Bazaar 2016" with many unbelievable offers for you. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates of exhibition events and promotions.