Mambino Organics Product Review Highlights [21 Jan 2016]


Tippy toes calming baby oil ($24.90)

It’s been a while since my kids had cradle cap, but we used it on four year old B’s dry skin. I was pleased to learn that it functions as a great make-up remover for mums too!


It’s actually formulated for babies with eczema (on cheeks, inner elbow area, or anywhere, really), since it soothes irritated skin and provides lasting hydration. It can also be used during infant massage to calm a fussy baby – just warm the oil up in your hands, and apply in gentle strokes.

Soothe me body wash and shampoo ($22.90)

This is made from extra mild organic olive oil, so it’s suitable for babies and kids with eczema.  Also perfect for very little babies from Day 1, since it is fragrance free and without detergents or chemical preservatives that could harm such delicate skin.

image-34-1024x768    image

What fascinated my kids the most about this was how to clear liquid turns into super soft foam when the ‘ingenious self-foaming pump’ is used!

We had a similar organic bath foam before, but because the bottle was opaque, they didn’t see this wizardry occur.

I told them I had some ‘magic’ bath soap, and they were duly impressed, haha! The things mothers do to entertain themselves and their kids.

I tried to take a photo of myself squeezing a dollop onto K’s hand. It wasn’t easy to coordinate all that, so pardon the shaky shot. : P

The box says that ‘this product is so natural, it is certified to USDA food standards’. How about that.

I tried it myself too – and love the luxurious feel of the gentle foam.


Youth Glow Omega Face Serum ($46.90)

I liked how honestly this product is officially described. “We don’t claim wrinkle disappearance because there is not one beauty product out there that can do so”. That immediately made my trust factor rise a notch.

When I used it for 5 days, what I experienced was a rich moisturising effect. It was like my face had a protective layer of ‘glow’. Just one tiny pump of the liquid serum is enough per application. Its natural antioxidents are meant

I have naturally oily skin, so I used it only once at night, instead of applying it both day and night, which will probably be better for those with naturally dry skin.



It contains all sorts of good stuff to nourish one’s complexion, including organic evening primrose oil, organic rosehip oil, natural Vitamin E, orange and lavender essential oils. There is a very light mandarin orange fresh citrus scent to it, which I really like. Very refreshing.

Most mums tend to neglect their skin, especially new mums who have to cope with intense sleep deprivation. So one pump of this a night is the easiest way of taking care of ourselves. It has the effect of a deeply hydrating face mask every night, without the hassle of timing it, taking it off, and having to clean away excess residue. With this serum, the process is completed in one minute flat.