Fun with Light-Up Bath Soap


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The amazing soap toy is coming to major departmental stores in Singapore this Christmas!. It is designed and patented in USA by Daniel Traynor who has over 18 years in personal care formulation development and is an inventor of over 12 patents in personal care delivery technology. In a special tie-up with the distributor, you can pre-order the product on Mummytoon portal and enjoy 30% off the retail price. HURRY, the offer ends 30 November 2015!

I gave the Sud-Z-Buddy to my kids as a playtoy during their bath-time. All my 3 children loves it instantly, especially my infant who constantly tries to grab the toy from the others as the blinking light fascinated her. As a parent, it is very satisfying to see them having so much fun when they are having their bath. The light comes on instantly when it hits the water and turns off shortly after drying the bottom of the fish. Do note the battery has limited life. Proper care is needed to preserve the battery life of the toy. The one my kids used lasted 2 weeks. Now it no longer blinks, but they are still using it as a bath toy.

Safe for Sensitive Skin - Free of Parabens, Sulphates, Fragrances…

Children need interaction and stimuli to get their attention and what better way than with the fun created by light and good a safe cleansing soap all in one.

Kids get it, they are fun to use in the bath, they need to wear the soap down to use them as a collectible and there are different toys to choose from which will always keep them inspired to cleanse themselves.

How to use your Sud-Z=Buddy

Turning it on

  • Remove from packaging
  • Touch the bottom of the Sud-Z-Buddy to light him up
  • Bring it to a bathtub, shower or sink and lather it up with warm water to keep him flashing
  • Cleanse well to get him clean and out of the soap
  • Rinse the soap off when you are finished to remove the suds and place him down on a flat dry surface
  • Whe it turns off, it is ready for the next wash time

If it is not turning off

  • Turn over the toy so the bottom is exposed
  • Rinse quickly under fresh water and pad dry, be careful not to rub soap on the contacts.
  • Turn the toy upright and place on a dry location
  • If the toy still flashes after 30 seconds, repeat the above and it should turn off

Safety with Sud-Z-Buddy

Is the toy safe from choking hazards?
The toy is designed to be of a large enough size set by the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As with every toy, especially with multiple parts, safety should always be observed. Though we designed the toy to be large enough to fall outside the choking hazard size minimums, please don't ever leave your children unattended with any small toys, especially in the bathroom!

Is the composition of the soap up to standard
The soap ingredients are all from good suppliers and have been asked to submit data on the materials as it is being produced. The soap formulation was made to eliminate Parabens, Sulfates, Fragrances and other ingredients children may sometimes be sensitive to from individual to individual. The soap formuation is relatively mild and is as clear as we can currently make to avoid use of the most common unwanted chemicals.

Is the toy safe from chemicals and electrical shock?
The toy has been documented for its plastics as being Pthallate free, lead free and meets safety testing which is required by larger chain stores in the USA. The battery is mercury-free and has met all standards with a safer core technology which has minimal voltage and is virtually the same as wearing a watch in the shower. In short, there is NO RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK.